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Understand how your security people, processes, and technologies really work and what outcomes they deliver.

A New Way To Do Security Governance

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Enterprises often have dozens of security tools after investing millions of dollars over decades of time. But they still struggle to get the outcomes they need, like patching vulnerabilities, containing incidents, and managing identities.

The problem isn't that you don't have enough tools or even the right tools - it's how do you get them to work together consistently with your teams and service providers.

Gutsy applies process mining to cyber for the first time, giving you a continuous, automatic, data driven understanding of how all these pieces work together as part of processes.

With Gutsy, you know it, so you can answer hard questions and make good decisions.

The Problem Gutsy Solves

Learn about why challenges facing security leaders - like protecting complex cloud environments, measuring and communicating risk to the board, and securely enabling digital transformation - require a new way to do data driven security governance.

Take a Deep Dive

Gutsy pioneered the application of process mining to cyber to help organizations visualize and analyze their complex security processes to understand how they actually run, based on observable event data.

Our eBook provides a detailed discussion of how process mining works, how it can be applied to security, and what benefits it delivers to security leaders, using real world customer case studies as examples.

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