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How to Build a Strategic Foundation for Successful Security Governance

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recently released the Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) 2.0. One of the key changes is the addition of the "Govern" function, which underwraps all the other functions. As NIST states, "GOVERN is in the center of the wheel because it informs how an organization will implement the other five Functions."

During this on demand webinar, we discussed:

  • Why 'govern' is the cornerstone for effective security governance
  • Strategies security leaders should seriously consider for implementing the govern function
  • How modern security governance drives better security results
  • Practical approaches for integrating the govern function into existing cybersecurity frameworks
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About the Speakers

John Morello worked with NIST 20+ years, holds multiple cybersecurity patents and is an author of NIST SP 800-190, the Container Security Guide. He was the CTO of Twistlock. Prior to that, he was the CISO of an S&P 500 global chemical company, spent 14 years at Microsoft where he worked on security technologies in Windows and Azure and consulted on security projects across the DoD, intelligence community, and at the White House.

Aqsa Taylor is the author of "Process Mining: The Security Angle" ebook and the Director of Product Management at Gutsy. A specialist in cloud security, Aqsa was the first Solutions Engineer and Escalation Engineer at Twistlock, the pioneering container security vendor acquired by Palo Alto Networks for $410M in 2019. At Palo Alto Networks, Aqsa served as the Product Line Manager responsible for introducing agentless workload security and generally integrating workload security into Prisma Cloud, Palo Alto Network’s Cloud Native Application Protection Platform. Throughout her career Aqsa helped many enterprise organizations from diverse industry sectors, including 45% of Fortune 100 companies, improve their cloud security outlook.

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